The University Calendar is a representation of activities and milestones that populate and shape the experiences of both students and staff during their stay at Al Maaref University. 

Make sure to visit frequently this web page for you to be always aware of the main events, enabling you to be at the heart of the learning and social development at the University.  

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  • Vacations

Main Events

Tuesday 22nd – Tuesday 29th, June 2021

Tuesday 06th – Friday 30th, July 2021

Monday 12th, July 2021

Thursday 29th, July 2021

Tuesday 03rd – Friday 27th, August 2021

Sunday 15th, August 2021

Friday 20th, August 2021

Thursday 2nd – Friday 17th, September 2021

Thursday 2nd – Thursday 30th, September 2021

Monday 06th – Friday 24th, September 2021

Monday 27th, September 2021

Wednesday 29th – Thursday 30th, September 2021

Friday 01th, October 2021

Monday 04th – Wednesday 06th, October 2021

Thursday 07th, October 2021 – Ongoing

Friday 12th, November 2021

Monday 22nd, November 2021

Thursday 23rd, December 2021

Saturday 25th, December 2021 - Sunday 02nd, December 2022

Thursday  06th, January 2022

Tuesday11th – Friday 14th, January 2022

Thursday 13th, January 2022

Friday 14th  – Saturday15th, January 2022

Monday 17th – Saturday 22nd, January 2022

Monday 24th – Saturday 29th, January 2022