Admission and Registration

 1- What Are the Required Documents to Apply to Al-Maaref University?

• ID card or Individual Extract that is no older than one year.
• Family Extract that is no older than one year.
• Certified copy of passport for non-Lebanese applicants.
• Two recent passport-size photos.
• School records for the last two years (original and certified by the school).
• Certified copy of the Official Lebanese General Secondary Certificate or its equivalence.
• NSSF record from an official body

2- What Are the Admission Criteria to the University?

The applicants holding Lebanese Baccalaureate Degree or its equivalence are admitted. Also, every applicant should take the required placement test as per each major.

3- Do I have to submit a hard copy of the registration form when applying to MU?

At Al Maaref University, there is no need to submit a hard copy of the student application form. Students wishing to join the MU family are only asked to fill out an online copy of the MU student application form via before reaching out to the Student Affairs Office to confirm their registration.

4- Can courses taken at another university be transferred to MU?

The student is asked to submit a statement showing the courses he/she completed at another university along with the grades and course description. The transfer request is submitted to the registration office, which in turn submits it to the faculty, where the file will be assessed.

5- Can a student register at MU, whether in the fall semester or in the spring semester?

Yes, the opportunity to enter Al Maaref University is not limited to the fall semester. The student can enroll in the spring semester. The registration process for the fall semester begins in June, while it begins in November for the spring semester.

6- Is there an admission competition for each faculty at Al Maaref University?

Al Maaref University adopts the placement tests criterion. The student is not rejected if he/she gains a mark below the required average in these tests. However, he/she is required to undertake remedial program for further development and improvement so as to meet the prerequisite requirements for courses of the selected major.

7- Can a student register for classes and start studying at the university by simply submitting an online application?

No, the registration process at Al Maaref University is long and requires several stages. Therefore, it should not be left to the last minute. Students should submit early their documents, book a date for the placement tests, sit for the placement tests, and finally receive their acceptance letter before choosing their first semester courses and beginning to attend classes.

8- When Does the Student Get his/her University ID Number?

The student gets the university ID number, just after releasing the results of the placement tests and paying the registration fees.

9- When Does the Student Get his/her University ID Card?

The student gets the university ID card, just two weeks after the start of the semester. ID cards are renewed every year.

10- What is the Student University Email?

The student university email is the official way used by the University to communicate with the student. After paying the registration fee, the University activates the student's email.

11- Is there a particular and unified schedule for all university students?

Each student's program depends on the timing of the courses he/she chooses in each semester. It is worth mentioning that this program changes at the beginning of each semester.

12- Can a student register for courses in the summer to speed up the graduation process?

Any student who joined the university in the fall or spring semester is allowed to register for courses in the summer. In this way, he/she would be able to compensate for any delay in the program or accelerate his/her graduation.


1- Where is Al-Maaref University Located?

Al-Maaref University is located in Beirut, off old Airport Avenue, next to Greenfield College (Al-Murouge).

- Phone number: 00961 1 820 930
- Hotline: 00961 81 151 520

2- Are there other campuses of MU in Lebanon??

Currently, the only university campus of MU is located off Beirut Airport Avenue in the Capital of Beirut.

3- What are the Teaching Languages at Al-Maaref University?

The main language of instruction at the university is English, yet, the Faculty of Religions and Humanities teaches using the Arabic language (excluding some courses that are taught in the English language).

4- Can French-educated Students Join the University?

Students who are not sufficiently proficient in the English language can register at Al Maaref University, provided that they undergo remedial courses in English to keep pace with their major courses requirements; instructors’ explanation, completing assignments and projects, as well as reading books and references in English.

5- Is there an Entrance Exam at the university?

The University conducts placement tests so to identify the student’s levels of competencies in some courses. If the placement test scores specify the need for a remedial program, the student will be instructed to take specific remedial courses.

6- Is the academic year divided into four semesters?

The academic year is divided into 3 semesters: the fall semester (4 months), the spring semester (4 months) and the summer semester (one and a half months).

7- Can the student visit the faculty department to gain more information about the major he has chosen?

The student initially goes to the Orientation Department at the Student Affairs Office, where he/she is provided with general information about the university and a list of available majors. Then, the student heads to the faculty he wills to join to obtain more details about the majors. The student can inquire about the majors at the Student Affairs Directorate; Block A, ground floor; or via visiting the University's website:

8- Does Al-Maaref University Offer an Orientation Service to Guide High School Students Who Are Confused to Pick their Majors?

Yes, Al-Maaref University offers this service, which is organized by the Student Affairs Directorate. Meetings are held with the students having trouble choosing their university's major. In addition, they undergo tests to help them identify their field of interests and career personality.

9- Are academic advisors available for students at MU?

According to the university's provision, every student registered at Al Maaref University has an academic advisor. Students select their courses under the supervision of the academic advisor as of the beginning of each semester. They may also refer to the academic advisor when facing any academic issue. In addition, the academic advisor accompanies students until graduation.

10- Is the Undergraduate Student Internship Available at the university?

Yes, the student internship is an essential component in the study pathway for completing a Bachelor's Major in each of the five faculties. The University offers this valuable experience for the student in many public/private institutions or corporations.

11- Can Al Maaref University student work and study at the same time?

Yes, the student can work and study at the same time, in the event that he/she maintains a balance between working and attending classes, for attendance at MU is mandatory. It is necessary to allocate time for studying at home and complete assignments and projects as well.

12- Are scholarships and financial aid offered particularly to outstanding students?

Any student can apply for financial aid at the Financial Aid Office (Part of the Student Affairs Office).

13- Are There Any Additional Scholarships for Students Who Reside South, Beqaa, and North of Lebanon?

A 20% additional scholarship will be granted for those students who reside in the South, North, and Bekaa areas.

14- Is the financial aid or scholarship limited to the freshman students only?

Financial aids and scholarships last all years long at Al Maaref University.

15- Would the Academic Scholarships for excellence reduce if the student does not maintain his excellent standing at the university?

Indeed, the Academic Scholarships for excellence are linked to the continuity of the student's excellence at the university.

16- Does the university provide students with psychological and social counseling services if needed?

At Al Maaref University, students are provided with psychological and behavioral counseling services based on their needs.

17- Can the financial aid or scholarship increase during the study?

Yes, the percentage of the scholarship or financial aid increases for several reasons; such as achieving academic excellence, moving to live outside Beirut and the Mount Lebanon area, or even registering of a sibling at the university, etc.

18- Does the Student Affairs Office hold orientation meetings for new students to familiarize them with the teaching system and the regulations in effect at the university?

The Orientation Department at the Student Affairs Office organizes an orientation meeting at the beginning of each semester for new students to introduce them to the academic system and the applicable laws. Thus, the Orientation Department at MU is always ready to answer any inquiry about the university rules and regulations.


1- Why there are Student Clubs at the University?

Student clubs refine students’ personalities and offer them the chance to develop and build teamwork skills, as well as to improve their creativity in the fields of their interest. Moreover, it is a brilliant way to showcase skills and capabilities.

2- What Are the Major benefits of Joining Student Clubs and its Activities?

It is a great experience that can spice up study weeks. Student clubs introduce you to new friends, incubate student's creativity, serve the community, and improve self-development in various domains such as drawing, music, photography, football, and others. In addition, it leads to garnering impressive skills and hands-on experience in an atmosphere full of joy and entertainment.

3- What Tasks Are Assigned to The Student Being a Member or a Head of a Club? Will These Tasks Affect his/her Academic Performance?

Being a member or ahead of a club, doesn't mean that the academic performance will decrease. The University tries to establish a balance between activities and academics. As well, it carefully selects activity timing; amount, and the efforts needed to follow-up its implementation.

4- What Benefits Does the Student Draw from the Membership or Presidency of Student Clubs?

In addition to the aforementioned in answer 2, the student attends training workshops on various topics such as activities and time management. These workshops contribute to reinforce his/her performance and skills in team management and teamwork. The student will also have the opportunity to build relationships with out-institutions as well as with the administrative staff at the university.

5- What Are the Student Clubs that the Student Can Join at Al-Maaref University?

Reading Club (Iqraa), Social Service Club (Basma), Art Club, Sports Club, Pioneer Club for girls, s and the Culture and Dialogue Club.

6- What Are the Activities of Each Club?

- First, Reading Club (Iqraa):

Its primary goal is to enhance the love and culture of reading among students and to highlight the crucial role of the library contributing to developing a cultural, religious, political, moral, and national student personality.
Among its most important activities are organizing discussion and reading circles that touch on vital and pivotal issues. In addition to holding book fairs, the activates include circles about reading in general, content and discourse analysis, criticism and comparison, essay writing, etc.

- Second, Culture and Dialogue Club (Platform):

It is a platform devoted to decent and useful discussions and dialogues seeking to educate youth and build their dialogue skills by discussing various interesting topics as well as celebrating religious and national occasions. Besides, activities and celebrations; the club hosts prominent figures that hold dialogues and educational seminars about numerous academic, political, economic, social, and educational topics.

- Third, Sports Club:

It highlights the importance of sports in our lives. It is a club devoted to entertainment. It organizes football, basketball, table tennis, chess, and further sports matches. The club devotes some activities to female students and plans to join the General Sports Federation of Universities.

- Forth, Social Service Club (Basma):

A social volunteer club aims to involve youth in charitable activities with innovative methods. It also organizes social voluntary and recreational trips. It also seeks to promote unity and solidarity among university students.

- Fifth, Pioneer Club for girls:

It aims to develop the (female) student's personality and helps her to gain essential leadership qualities. It also seeks to activate the female’s role in accordance with the rules and principles that preserve society and family.

- Sixth, Art Club:

It is devoted to photography, acting, drawing, music, etc. Its goal is to discover the talents of students in these fields and work on developing them in order to be invested at the university and outside.

7- What Qualifications the Student Need to Join one of the Student Clubs?

No qualifications needed. Every student can join the club he/she wants.

8- How Are the Members and Heads of the Student Clubs Elected?

The students affiliated with the university clubs elect the candidates in a direct and secret ballot.

9- Are All Activities Held Indoor?

Activities are held in various places - indoor and outdoor activities - such as visiting high schools and going on trips (swimming pools, playgrounds, parks, etc.).

10- Does The Student Get a Certificate of Participation, So He Can Include It On Resume?

The student can benefit from a certificate of voluntary work, as long as he/she actively participates.

11- Are students able to discover or develop their hobbies by joining student clubs at MU?

Al Maaref University encompasses several potent yet entertaining student clubs. Students can join these clubs to live a rich, vibrant, and enjoyable experience, all at once.

The Student Clubs, supervised by the Student Affairs Office, organize student elections at the beginning of each academic year from which the heads and members of the clubs are selected. Students are allowed to join one or more clubs.