Safe Use of the Internet

Within the framework of a series of awareness and cultural seminars organized by Al Maaref University throughout the year, the Directorate of Student Affairs organized, in cooperation with the Information Division of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces, an awareness seminar on cybercrime under the title "Safe Use of the Internet" on Thursday, 26 April 2018. The seminar was led and presented by the First Lieutenant Mahmoud Ali, in the presence of educational figures, specialists in informatics and IT technicians, and diversified students from different faculties.

The First Lieutenant stressed the importance of the safe use of social networking sites, reviewing cases of victims subjected to blackmailing, threats and information theft. He called on students to take caution in dealing with any of the accounts unknown, pointing to ways to prevent cybercrime because of the seriousness and consequences on individuals, organizations, and communities.

Lieutenant Hammoud reminded the audience about the importance to go to specialists when any similar cases to address and prosecute the extortionists. The victims of bullying face great social isolation and insecurity, psychological and physical harm, loss of self-confidence, shyness, anxiety, lack of concentration, and sometimes suicide.

Such important and indispensable seminar, nowadays, comes in the result of the keen interest of the Directorate of Student Affairs to immune the students, coming from different backgrounds, from any exploitation or risk. The seminar is part of a series of activities that raise students' awareness of the risks that may arise from having a lack of sufficient knowledge or skills for effective use of new technologies, particularly social media.