MIS Major Hosting IDS: Students Gain an Insider View of IS Industry

The Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) hosted a guest from the industry to lead and present a seminar about the way the IDS company develops and work out effective information systems for a range of clients. The seminar was attended by students of the Information Systems Development course that is part of a Major program in Information Technology and Management Systems (MIT). 

The seminar was delivered by Mr. Hussein Fkih, a Project Manager/Product Owner at the Integrated Digital Systems (IDS) company, and was attended by the course instructor Dr. Hassan Kazan and MIS senior major students. 

Mr. Fakih shared with the audience full details about the stages of the information system development projects, from buildup and design to inception with all the complexity of processes and technologies of information systems involved in each of its stages. 

The presentation was supported by project examples from IDS portfolio over the past years, including its main achievements, challenges, and lessons learned. 

The seminar was highly interactive, and students had the chance to have fruitful discussions and get insights from the speaker from direct on-the-job experience in the IS industry.