MCFA’s Students Visited Al-Nour Radio

Students from the Faculty of Mass Communication and Fine Arts (MCFA) at Al-Maaref University conducted an educational visit, with their Instructor Assia Husseini, on April 16, to Al-Nour Radio station, located in the southern suburb of Beirut.


The students, who were welcomed by the Public Relations Manager in the radio Mr. Khodr Rislan, met with the Manager of the Newsroom and Political Programs Unit, Mr. Abbas Choukeir. He explained in details the work processes in the radio and those factors that are playing a role in the current success.

The students had a tour of the Radio’s departments, where they got a chance to observe the detailed work of the Monitoring Unit and the Editing room. Some sidewalks discussions took place between the students and the bespoken editors and correspondents. The tour represented for the students an indispensable experience that allows them to have a close feel of the challenges the radio profession might be facing on a day to day operation.

 The tour concluded within the dubbing rooms, where the students got a chance to test their radio performance.