MCFA’s Student Hosted the Filmmaker Kazim Fayyad in a Workshop

The Faculty of Mass Communication and Fine Arts at Al-Maaref University hosted the Lebanese filmmaker, Kazim Fayyad, in a workshop titled the "Misconception of Filmmaking” on Friday, 30th of November 2018. 

Mr. Fayyad, whom four of his films nominated for prizes at regional festivals, talked to students about his own experience. 

During the workshop, the students carried out practical activities on how to make films, sought to understand the characteristics required in the “filmmaker’s personality” and the skills needed for a successful filmmaker. 

Finally, the students had an excellent opportunity to work on those primary obstacles that may face the new graduands in filmmaking and how they can overcome them.

The whole of the Friday's excellence session had an exuberant ambience in which students had the chance to have face-to-face encounter with a successful noted filmmaker from the film industry.