Introduction to Salaries and Wages Tax

In light of a series of specialized training workshops, the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) organized on Thursday 3 May 2018 its second day specialized workshop with the title of "Introduction to Salaries and Wages Taxes" at Al Maaref University. The two-day workshop was geared to equip third-year Accounting students with the latest best practices in accounting and to enable them to be prepared confidently to enter the labor market. The first day workshop took place on Friday 27 April 2018. 

The two-day specialized workshop took place at the University Campus in Beirut, in cooperation with the Scientific Association for Accounting and Business Administration (SAABA), in which its representative, Mr. Mahmoud Mkashar, presented students with different forms and models they adopt in the Association, going into detail about the comprehensive systems for calculating the different types of payroll and income taxes.

Over the course of workshop on 27th of April and 3rd of May, students developed competence and gained proficiency in caring out taxation duties and filling in all types of forms that are adopted by the finance ministry and financial units, with special attention to those taxation regulations affecting the Lebanese employers and employees, and how they are used by individuals, companies or private or public Lebanese or foreign institutions. 

During the workshop, students had an opportunity to conduct practical work on the taxation rules, standards, and laws that were culminated and studied in previous academic years. In addition, the workshop benefited students to have first-hand information from one of the professional associations in this field, and therefore gained insider's information in the industry, so as to be adapt with any future challenges in the accounting environment. At large, the workshop had an impact on students in terms of building their characters, developing their abilities and enhancing their competencies to become competent candidates in the accounting job market. 

At the end of the workshop, Dr. Hassan Rkein thanked the Vice President of the Association, Mr. Ali Hamoud, and its representative Mr. Maqshar, for their fruitful efforts and congratulated students for their interaction and rich participation in the work and discussions.