Graduation Ceremony for Lebanese Teachers Association at Al Maaref University 

Under the auspices and attendance of the President of Al Maaref University, Professor Ali Alaeddine, the Lebanese Teachers Association (LTA) (Beirut Branch) held a Graduation Ceremony, on Thursday 27th September 2018, at the end of an extended two-week workshops in Al Maaref University and in commemoration of the 13th Anniversary for 'Martyrs of Liberation'. 

The Ceremony was packed up with representatives of different municipalities of the Southern Suburbs of Beirut including Professor Zuhair Jaloul, and Mrs. Mona Arabid.

The ceremony was presented by Mr. Yousef Al-Haj. The LTA representative, Mr. Badia'a Obaid, delivered a speech in which he stressed the importance of the training courses organized by the Association, thanking Al Maaref University for hosting the educational courses and the municipalities for supporting them in this field. 

In turn, the President of the University, Professor Alaeddine delivered a speech in which he emphasized the role of the teacher in the advancement of future generations.

In conclusion, the LTA presented a token gift to the University President, and distributed certificates of achievement for trainers and graduates and thanked them all for their dedication.