George Kurdahi Hosted by MCFA

In celebrating the Resistance and Liberation Day, the Faculty of Mass Communication and Fine Arts at Al-Maaref University hosted the veteran anchor George Kurdahi, on Thursday, May 24, 2018, in a session titled, “Building Media Personality in the Contemporary Media Landscape”. 

The session was attended by a number of MCFA’s students and a number of journalists and academics.
After the national anthem and a speech delivered by the Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication and Fine Arts Dr. Ali El-Takach who talked about this joyful occasion, the student Ghadir Nasser welcomed Mr. Kurdahi on behalf of the Faculty. This welcoming followed by a report prepared by the students about the guest. 
Mr. Kurdahi was interviewed by the students Rukayya Farhat and Zahraa Diab. As the dialogue went by and lasted for one and a half hours, Mr. Kurdahi pointed to the most important tips that help the students to build their media personalities.
At the end of the session, Al-Maaref University’s President Professor Ali Alaeddine handed a commendation award to Mr. Kurdahi, and the students took pictures with him.