Face to Face with the President: Together, We Can Build Virtues in Future Sciences

The Directorate of Student Affairs at Al Maaref University organized a dialogue meeting between the President of the University, Prof. Ali Alaeddine and the new students, on Thursday, November 1, 2018, presented by the Director of Student Affairs Directorate Dr. Hussein Nasser.

Professor Alaeddine welcomed the students by identifying the mission and vision of the university, stressing that the university considers science a message and a virtue. The University is not a commercial project. It is instead a central hub for " elevating humans up to the ladder of civilization and mastering life with knowledge and wisdom." 

He stressed that "the university is committed to the standards of scientific and academic quality, and works on the production of science and not only receive it," noting that "ethics in science is the basis for building a good and successful society. With such attitude, the University ingrains in new generations "values of honesty, sincerity, sacrifice, love of people, love of Homeland, respect for parents, justice, and dignity. The ethics should be the roots of knowledge and minds". 

The President of the University referred to the role of the students in keeping up with and following the academic duties seriously since from the start of the academic year. For example, attending daily lessons, engagement with course instructors, dedication to preparing well for the exams, and adherence to lecture times, and others. Take notice that success is not only measured by your marks but more importantly by the acquisition of strong personal skills and leadership competencies. S

In conclusion, there was a direct dialogue between some students and the University President, which focused on the new competencies that the university intends to open. The President emphasized that we are currently in the process of licensing the Faculty of Education and some other majors of study, hoping as well to manage opening two new branches in Nabatieh and Baalbek. The President made it clear to students that the university abides by a strict policy for not allowing to operate at any level of educational and administrative services without meeting all the official recognition criteria for a license from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. Obtaining an official license for delivering higher education services is vital to guarantee that the institutions of the job market recognize all certifications of the graduates.