Head of the Department of TRL Participates in the 21st International Conference of the Association of English Teachers in Lebanon

Head of Translation and Languages at Al Maaref University, Mrs. Zeinab Anis Jaber, participated in the 21st International Conference organized by the Association of Teachers of English in Lebanon (ATEL) on Saturday, 28 April 2018, at the Conference Palace-Dbeya, under the title "Transformational Skills for Progressive Change in Education ". 

Mrs. Jaber presented a research paper with the title of "Revisiting the Use of Translation in L2 Classrooms". She covered the supporting and opposing theories related to the use of the mother tongue in foreign language instruction in general and English in particular, where she addressed the viewpoint about considering the translation as an educational tool. 

Mrs. Jaber pondered on the positive and negative of such viewpoint, shedding the light on the essential differences between some theoretical concepts, such as , acquisition vs. learning, multi-lingual classrooms vs. monolingual classrooms, etc.). She finished her paper by encouraging teachers to open up to modern methods but without having them utilized blindly