How to use UMS

Any prospective and registered student will be in contact with the UMS.

How to use Google classroom

A virtual classroom that streamlines the process of sharing files between teachers and students.


The most advanced open-source Integrated Library System.

IT Support

Technical assistance for university accounts (Google Classroom, Meet & UMS) & installation guidance for required software programs.

Hotline: 79 10 12 17

Contact SAO

The office of student affairs is ready to support your academic and personal development.

Registration Hotline: 81 15 15 20
Support: 76 16 99 44

Academic Calendar

The system by which you define the landmark dates that drive the semester.

Contact Info

Contact our experts for academic assistance.

Phone: +961 1 820 930

FoS & FoE:
Dean, Dr. Jalal Jomaa Ext 200
Faculty Assistant, Mrs. Zainab Kashakesh Ext 225

Dean, Dr. Ali Takach Ext 707
Assistant Dear, Dr. Hatem Zein Ext 721
Faculty Assistant, Miss Sara Khalil Ext 701

Dean, Prof. Bassam Hamdar Ext 705
Assistant Dear, Dr. Ali Dirani Ext 709
Faculty Assistant, Miss Nada Sfeir Ext 702

Dean, Dr. Hadi Fadlullah Ext 555
Assistant Dear, Dr. Kamal Lezzaik Ext 524
Faculty Assistant, Mrs. Iman Issa Ext 525

Chairperson, Ms. Zainab Jaber Ext 522
Chairperson’s Assistant, Ms. Zeinab Al Amin Ext 527

Forms & Guides

The needed academic forms for students.